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hi can someone help , i switch the computer on and nothing! no screen signal , no hard drive no beeps and the light stays on with no flickering to show any hard drive movement lastly the switch will not turn the computer off i have to unplug it (all cooling fans work but thats about all)
whould be very greatfull for help
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  1. Did you make any recent hardware or software updates or installed any new hardware?

    if you added any new hardware kindly remove it.
    Or if it were any software upgrades we can restore your old system.

    First of all remove the motherboard battery/cell and replace it after few minutes.

    If you have a removable drive/usb drive connected then remove it.
    See if your optical drive is working,if so try any bootable cd/dvd or any os disks after removing the hard drive cable from the mobo.
    Most probably you may get a display.

    if your problem can't be solved by any of the above means and this problem came as from nowhere then remove the ram modules alternatively
    one at time and try to boot.Try replacing with ram module from any friends.

    May be this can of any help.
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