Herrro... 1TB hard drive freezes at windows load


Seagate expansion 1TB USB 3.0 external HDD
SATA connections (eSATA?)
SATA designed power connection

I purchased this 1TB hard drive back in February of 2012. After a month of owning it would post to windows but then lock up my computer when running it through USB 3.0. After reading some things online and watching some youtube tutorial videos I found these drives often had faulty designed external controllers, which made them unpopular. So I threw it into my rig to run some tests...
It has SATA connections, so I ran it through an SATAII line(3GB line) and went through the BIOS. Behold, it posts under storage, recognizing size parameters and model type. I booted windows. Froze. Restart. Changed settings to external SATA mode (eSATA). Booted windows again with no success. It locks up at Windows start before login.
So I went for broke...
I attempted to alter my mother board storage mode to IDE with no success, just a blue screen yelling at me that my SSD won't convert to IDE easily along with the 1TB HDD.

Obviously this thing is recognized, but I'm having a hard time with windows wanting to recognize it. What can be done? Should I consider it Killed in Action?

Thanks guys! I have faith in you.
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  1. Solved. Thanks anyways...?

    For those that come across this in desperation to find a solution for something like this: I uninstalled the driver and it worked like a Vietnamese hooker. All night long.
    External HDD now an internal HDD running on SATAII
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