Help possible hardware failure?

Ok. Im at my wits end with this computer.

My system will hang for 1-3 minutes randomly but with increased frequency right after a boot up. It will have moments of response within hang. Any click or action performed during the hang will be performed upon the hang finishing. The cursor is 99% of the time still responsive. If you click on an internet window to close, it will say not responding until the hang is over. Cntrl-alt-del will pop up after the hang. It will never permanently hang. And it seems to happen with less frequency after being powered on for a while. But will still occur. It can happen no matter what i may be doing on the computer.

I have observed the task manager during hangs and nothing seems to stand out
I have done a complete OS reinstall and the problem persists.
I have replaced the video card (gts 250 512mb)
I have run malbytes with no issues.
I have performed memtest and memory passed.
I have used passmark software for benchmarking hardware and nothing failed or under performed.
I have checked all connections within the tower.
I have lost sleep.

I’m at work when posting this so I don’t have my exact pc component list
AMD x2 phenon dual 2.7
evga gts 250 512mb
gigabyte motherboard
oz ram x2 - 2gig sticks
windows 7 home

i can follow up post more accurate system information.

Thank you in advance for any help and insight anyone may provide.

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  1. First, when you can, please posy what Power Supply you are using - its brand and model, its Wattage, and if possible its 12v Amps. If it is a cheap brand causing unstable power or just a weak PSU it may cause issues.

    Second, Have you checked the Bios settings of your RAM? Are the timings and Voltage set to what your RAM states as optimum (e.g. 9-9-9-24 1.8v or 1.65v etc.)

    The issue may not be that the RAM is faulty, but it may just be the RAM is not getting the juice it requires.

    How long did you run memtest for? It may need to run quit some time to identify a problem. Personally I would still try booting the PC with just one stick and then the other stick to see if the problem continues - it tends to be quicker than running memtest and if it is just one stick causing the problem it is easy to identify - when the faulty stick is in alone the problem persists, when the healthy one is in everything runs fine. I usually don't use memtest until I have done this, only if the problem has continued with both sticks do I run it
  2. Thank you for the quick response. When i get home from work, i will post my complete computer specs. I will also test the RAM one at a time. Does the RAM stats you mention that need to be configured in the bios printed on the stick or do i need to look this information up on the manufacturors website?
  3. It is often on the paper sticker on the RAM. Or if you know the model of the RAM (also may be identifiable on the RAM itself) you can look it up on the manufacturers site - or even just on newegg if you type in the model
  4. Sorry for takin so long. Hectic weekend.
    The PSU is a Coolmaster 600watt product number rs-600-pcar-e3
    atx 12v v2.3 w/o pfc.

    Im looking into the RAM next
  5. RAM.. OCZ gold series pc3 12800
    8-8-8 @ 1.65
    2gig stick (4 gigs in system)

    pic 1 of my ram stick
    pic 2 of my bios settings screen

    I tried to change some values to 8-8-8 and set memory clock to 8.00 - 1600
    I got the blue screen of death
  6. have you run memtest 86+ ? for 12 hours?
  7. I'll run memtest overnight and post results
  8. Hi everyone. Sorry i havnt posted results. The wife and I had a baby !!! The problem isnt gone and I still need to run memtest overnight. I'll keep you posted

    thanks for your understanding
  9. Im still very busy with working and new baby. I'll most likely have time to apply some tests this weekend. Thank you for you understanding.
  10. Before running the test it may be quicker to just check the Bios timings match what your RAM is supposed to run at, then try using one module at a time to see if it works, if one does and the other doesn't then you know which module is faulty. If you can get no definate results then run memtest overnight.

    Due to your RAM being OCZ I suspect even more heavily that it is the issue - OCZ tend to be rather hit and miss with their RAM
  11. OK.. update.

    I have contacted OCZ and they gave me the correct memory timings and settings. They problem still occurs.


    I noticed when i have the resource monitor up during "hangs"
    on the overview tab.
    under the disk field

    the highest active time stat goes to 100%

    This syncs up with the hangs
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