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for some reason my anolog connections have stopped working and are listed as not plugged in when they are. On a side problem my keyboard and headphones aren't working either, i have just done a system restore but i think the problem might have something 5o do with plugging a 100 watt amphead into my line in, but the speakers were still working afterwward, could this have broken my sound card? Although my keyboard has just started working again as I'm writing this.
What could be wrong with my analog, I'm using win7 64 bit and I have heard this is quite common, but I don't know how to fix it, any help would be appriciated.
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  1. Hi SkullWar, Welcome to THW.

    So lets get some things cleared up first. So you plugged an 100w Amphead(guitar?), what type of amp? into your PC soundcard line-in and now it is not working afterwards?

    Right of the bat, if you plugged the amp into your line-in not your line-out, which is the only place you should connect an amp to, then yes you probably toasted your soundcard and maybe other things.

    What is your current setup? Soundcard model/speakers/how are they connected?

    If you have a USB keyboard it is probably dropping its connection from the PC and is unrelated to the soundcard issue, unless you toasted some of your motherboard components enough to make them not work properly. Can be temporarely fixed buy un-plugging and re-plugging it in, until it drops again.

    Are your headphones USB or 3.5mm and if they are USB are you connecing them to the keyboard? 3.5mm are you plugging them into your soundcard?
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