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I am wanting to improve the cable routing within my case however some cables are simply not able to go behind the motherboard tray and back up to the relevant components. I started looking for cable extensions and they all seem to be covered nicely. However i couldnt find any straight 8pin - 8pin PCI-E extension cables, only 6pin - 8+2pin PCI-E. Said cable extenders are made by NZXT which aren't exactly an unknown make but i was wondering if first of all, are there 8pin-8pin PCI-E extension cables available (im in the UK). If not, will the 6pin-8+2pin extension be ok for my Radeon 5970?

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  1. 6-8+2 cant be right. Are they 8-6+2 or 6-(6+2)?.

    8-(6+2) should be fine. 6-6+2 would cause me concern.
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