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  1. There are differences, but you're going to want to get this one for a few reasons:


    Weighs about 2 lbs less, uses 25 less watts, and it has almost double the contrast ratio (read: better image).
  2. Those "high" dynamic contrast ratios are more or less meaningless. Static contrast ratio is the real number to look out for, but since "bigger is better" those numbers are generally not advertised anymore. Regardless of what the dynamic contrast ratios are, static contrast ratio generally ranges between 600:1 to 1000:1.

    The VE246H has LED backlighting instead of traditional florescent backlighting (CCFL). The benefits are lower power consumption and thinner monitors because it uses edge backlighting instead of a full array backlighting that is used for CCFL.

    LED backlighting basically shoots from the sides into a material that reflects the light to you. The uniformity of the backlight is dependent on how well that material can evenly spread out the light to you.
  3. For the record I own the Asus VK246H and is for limited usage. The VW246H is the same as the VK246H, but does not have a webcam. The VK model was on sale for at the time I bought it which is why I didn't buy the VW model.

    Here's my review if you are interested (rather long):

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