ASUS M4A87TD EVO upgrade

So i bought my motherboard about a week ago and now i am having nothing but problems with it. first my computer kept resetting itself which I found out was caused by the fact that 2 of my ram slots dont work so i have them in 2 that work. now my games keep freezing on me and my temps aren't ridiculously hot. I've read a lot of the feed back on newegg about this motherboard and many people say it craps out on them after about 2 months so i really don't want to take the chance. I thought I may as well return it before its too late.

Anyone have any suggestions of a really reliable mother board? money isn't too much of an issue but because this is my first build and its only a few weeks old, I don't need the best of the best.

the old AUSU mobo was about $110 but i can go up to about $200 if required

Thanks in advance!

System is as follows:

GPU- XFX Radeon HD 6870
CPU- AMD phenom II black edition
PSU- Antec 750W

I'm kind of new at this lol so if u need anymore info just let me know
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  1. Try the asrock 770 extreme3 for about $20 less than your asus.
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