Can't change Windows 7 monitor settings; ATI Radeon HD 5450

Just got new computer with Windows 7 with an ATI Radeon HD 5450 card with 1 GB of RAM. I am using NEC Mitsubish FP2141SB CRT. In device manager, the monitor is detected as a Plug n Play, not FP2141 monitor.

In Windows 7 display properties, I can't change any settings such as resolution or refresh rate. With nVidia card in XP for same monitor, I was able to adjust screen resolution and increase refresh rate, etc.

Do I need to install a driver so that Windows sees a NEC monitor or what?

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  1. Are you sure the driver for your HD5450 already installed?
  2. Yes, the correct display driver is installed. Catalyst control center (advanced view)only shows only one resolution, 1600x1200 and doesn't provide me a place to change refresh rate or landscape/portrait, etc.
  3. Evidently the driver installed by the computer manufacturer was stripped down or locked in somehow. Anyway, downloaded the drivers and software from the ATI website and now have a functional control panel.

    Thank you.
  4. Yeah for future reference is a good idea to download drivers from the manufactures website.

    These are usually better then Windows custom drivers, and even the CD drivers that come with hardware.
  5. I too just put in a radeon hd5450 on win 7, downloaded the drivers from directly from ati, and yet - have no options to change the refresh rate over 60. My previous nvidia driver had a manual override which i used to drive my viewsonic to 85 on max resolution.
  6. Finally did a suggestion made elsewhere and I'm all set now: I rebooted my computer with the monitor off. I turned it on after it reached the logon screen and at that point, I was given a 75mhz option. After that, the new refresh rate was locked in and haven't had a problem.

    I suspect that the bios negotiates a low refresh rate with the monitor (for compatibility sakes) and Win 7 doesn't repoll it in non pnp monitors like my pf790.
  7. Just install my new radeon 5450 card.The problem I have is the hdmi out,I plugged it into my hd tv ,I only got the photo of my desktop ,Im using windows 7.I also have vista installed to it showed my desktop items etc with vista but not windows 7.I don,t want to use windows vista much prefer 7 .I would be greatful for any advice in plain english ,just want to be able to watch the footie on the tv instead of pc

    Thanks in advance for any help

  8. Have you tried disabling your display pilot in msconfig.
    I did and I can now change to all frequencies that my
    monitor supports up to 144Hz even.
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