Amd 955 fan good enough?

Hello everyone, ok im about to buy an AMD 955 and ive been told by some friends and in some forums that the cpu fan and heatsink that comes with the cpu sucks and it wont handle de heat from the cpu. I really dont have more money to spend on a new fan so im wondering if anyone can confirm this. Thank you very much for the help.
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  1. The stock HSF is good enough if you don't plan on doing any overclocking.
  2. ^+1 Even mild overclocking should be OK with stock HSF, the big benefit of going to a different solution at stock speeds is the lower noise reduction.
  3. you can easily overclock to 3.6Ghz most probably on your without much noise problem problems and upto 3.8Ghz with enough amount of noise.
    I recommend buying an aftermarket cooler if you want 4Ghz or above or when you feel your cpu is falling behind in performance.
    Else it is good to have the stock cpu cooler.
  4. Hi RedMonarch.

    Yeah that's true, but like Terry1212 says, is tru only if you want overclock.

    For daily job the stock cooler is more that enough.

    If you want overclock your rig with the stock cooler, keep your eyes in the temps, I recommend keep your temps below 57ºC.
  5. Compared to aftermarket coolers stock coolers do suck.

    Just try it, watch your temps and if it gets too hot or runs too noisy for you you know its time for an upgrade. ;)

    There are a lot of decent cheap aftermarket coolers to choose from should you decide thats what you need.
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