Video Card noise/stutter issues

Basically in the past week or so I have noticed numerous problems with what I believe to be my video card is causing. Firstly, last week my computer would not completely power up from a shut down. I removed the graphics card and it would then boot up as normal. This issue managed to resolve itself once I took the card out and placed it back in. However now in games I am noticing that the card is making quite a high pitched almost grinding noise and I am noticing stuttering in games and in game cut scenes. This was quite prevalent in Starcraft 2 cut scenes.
When there is a stutter the card momentarily goes silent, and then returns to a higher pitched noise once playback is restored. Any help would be much appreciated, specs are as follows

VGA card Gtx 295 Inno 3d
Processor e8400
PSU Antec Signature 650W
Mother board Gigabyte UD3P.
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  1. How old this card? still on warranty?

    Make sure all the components are free from dust, also check the card temps, it could be an overheating...
  2. I have the same problem on my laptop~ i have checked just about eveything... mine has always been bad, i assumed it was the hard drive.
    long story short, its coming from something that isnt moving.... i hope the chips arent going bad ~~ (its not my memory (i think, (i switch it out....but i dunno~~~~

    its hard to describe the exact relationship between my components...

    Right now it seems really loud (im not doing anything either);
    but when im playing, the sound sutters when i overload the gpu...............
    i just know it has nothing to do with anything moving
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