My first gaming pc - advice?

Hey everyone.
I'm fairly new the the market of gaming computers (been gaming a couple of years on a crappy packard bell :L) and have managed to save about £900 so far towards a new pc.
I have a few in mind but i'd like you guys to give me some advice on price vs performance etc.
The links to some of the builds will be posted below.

Please note, i would get windows home edition 64bit with all of these.
^^(with GTX 470)
^^(with GTX 470)
^^(with 5870)
^^(with 5850)

These are just some of the ones i thought were good. I'm looking to max out games like css with max AA, AF etc. on a 24 inch monitor, and also play other games such as MW2 on max with only 2xaa with a constant 80+fps.

I know this seems like a lot to ask but i'd really appreciate some help because i'm sure a lot of you ar far more knowledgeable of these kind of things, and will tell me what my best buy would be.

If you think you could get a better pc in this price range (below £900) from the same site, please tell me :)

Thank-you in advance, -liam
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  1. The last one with a HD 5870 maybe.
  2. The Titan Exodus offers the best components for the price.
    Best cpu i5 760 for gaming.
    Mobo featuring new tech like U3 and S3.
    Top-end cpu cooler-Titan Fenrir
    Squeeze the 5870 in instead of the 5850 and it's better.
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