25-30GB 'missing' after large files download & moved to external disk

I recently downloaded some fairly large files (around 4Gb) and some smaller 300Mb files. I have a mac and have 256Gb SSD I had approx 97Gb free and after being downloaded I was down to just under 60Gb free, I then moved ALL the downloaded files to an external drive and finder says I have just under 70Gb remaining, this doesn't make any sense! I've used CCleaner to clear the misc cache but no 20Gb stash in there, have looked through finder and everything is as it was, have rebooted to check any problems there and still nothing any help would be appreciated.
I did expand a number of zip files to make one DMG using Stuffit but I deleted the original files and emptied the trash (these files only amounted to around 5Gb, so still not accounting for the difference).

Thanks in advance

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  1. *****FIXED******

    Space returned after around 5 hrs for no apparent reason
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