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helo... can you help me how to update bios?
My bios : award modular bios V6.00PG.
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  1. whats the name of your motherboard and model number
  2. If you need to update your BIOS, go to the manufacturers website and look up your motherboard name and model number under their support section, they will have all the updates availible for you to download there.

    Otherwise if you can tell us the name and model of your motherboard we can give you the website where you can download a new BIOS.

    Also there is no need to make two posts with the same question on it.
  3. Ok, it seems that you have no idea what is the make and model of your mobo, download CPU-Z from here

    Install it, and run.
    Check the Mainboard Tab in it.
    That'll give you the make model and bios version for your mobo.

    What ever details it gives you, you can either go to the website of the manufacturer of the mobo and choose the last update that they had for the Bios or then you can post the information here and we'll help you out further....
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