Is there a CPU to RAM ratio

I am looking to build a computer and I was just wondering if there is any CPU to RAM ratio that I should look out for?

Thanks in advance for the help :)
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  1. 1 gb per physical core is the new hype today
  2. Absolute minimum 4GB of RAM. Recommend 6GB for triple-channel systems or 8GB for dual-channel systems.
  3. The 'FSB : DRAM' has no pigeonhole or 'global' number - period. There are ratios that do strongly apply on older LGA and AMD, but e.g. 6-core AMD can support DDR3 2000, but some AMD are DDR3 1333 and less; similar with Intel. It all depends upon the 'CPU' and 'OC' vs 'Stock'. The CPU IMC or MOBO MCC dictates the values plus the BIOS settings of Stock vs Rated.
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