Random shutdowns

I have random computer shutdowns, i have tested the power supply, ram(i have 2 sticks and i switch them out), and video card. I think its my hard drive but what makes me wonder is that i started up a ubuntu live cd to back up my stuff just in case it is my HDD and it still did it. It copied a lot more files then windows did but still did it. Oh yea, my cpu was running hot so i reapplied the thermal and now its running in the normal range.
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  1. System specs?
  2. Pentium D 3.4 GHz duel core
    3gb ram
    GeForce GT 240
    2 2tb Hitachi drives
  3. Hi union6,

    You have an odd setup for RAM if you are running two sticks for a total of 3gb, and that will if anything casue your PC to run slower than it could be.

    Is your PC shutting down at any time or when you are gaming or websurfing, what are you normally doing?
    How have you tested the PSU and RAM?
    And what is the model and wattage of your PSU?

    You can DL HDTune and run a quick test to check the health of your HDD's, it wouldnt hurt to try and let us know what you find out.
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