I have one 256gb Crucial M4 SSD so from my understanding, TRIM should work just fine right? Does Win7 automatically do it if I install the latest drivers? Do I need to set the drive to AHCI?
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    Yes you should definitely enable AHCI before you install windows. If you've already installed windows, there is a workaround (editing some registry stuff) which I don't remember, but you can just do a re-install. And yes, windows 7 will do it automatically. To check if TRIM is enabled, run command prompt as administrator and type in "fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify" If the prompt retuns a "0" then TRIM is enabled.
  2. If you want to change to ACHI mode without re-installation of window 7, do this;

    1) Download and run this auto-fix from microsoft
    2) Restart ur PC, go into the Bios and change ur SATA from IDE to ACHI

    and Done.

    Make sure u disable file indexing and auto defrag as well to extend the life of ur SSD.
  3. Well thankfully I haven't installed the os yet. Thanks
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