GTX 460 SLI or Single 5870? (about same price)

Hi I'm trying to do a triple display setup and I'm thinking about getting GTX 460 SLI for 2D surround or one single ATI 5870 for Eyefinity...
Any benchmark showing that which one will perform better under 5760 X 1080 resolution?

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More about single 5870 about price
  1. SLI GTX 460's will easily outperform the 5870.

    SLI GTX 460's are 25% faster than the GTX 480.

    GTX 480 is faster than the 5870 in all but one or two games, now.

    (I can't comment on Surround... these specs are only concerning single monitor gaming)
    but if one 5850 outperforms a 460 I don't think i'm being unreasonable in assuming 2 of them (5970) would outperform 460 SLI.

    And then there are people like myself with ageing P35 chipsets that only have a single PCI x16 slot. If I want multimonitor gaming with decent performance without having to get a whole new setup, the 5970 is pretty much the only option. There's a market for it which is why they're still selling it. If there weren't they'd use the GPU's to make more 5850's and 5870's

    As far as CF/Eyefinity being broken, I don't doubt there are issues with certain games and certain setups, that's the case for anything though, and clearly the problem is minor enough that even you have very litle info on it. You don't know why, or how or how many people you just know "it is" isn't terribly convincing.
  2. Thanks Youngster. I'm aware that 460 SLI easily outperforms one 5870. However I have not seen any review comparing these two under 5760 X 1080 or 5760 X 1200 setup. I just wonder if the clear advantage still holds when going multiple displays. Otherwise there is no point to waste one PCI slot and miss the crossfire opportunity later.
  3. yesss like i am saying, nvidia is known for haveing high performance with multiple monitor displays! and will run absaloutly great as long as you purchase the gtx 460 1GB version. i recomend the EVGA one :)
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    The SLI scaling of the GTX 460's has shown to be fantastic. Probably what you should do, is simply find benchmarks showing the GTX 480 (since it's been out longer) and see how IT scales with your resolution. Then compare that to the ATI 5870 with Eyefinity. I think your biggest comparison is going to come down to who's multi monitor system works better, and not so much who's cards are faster.

    I have not done much reading/reviewing of Eyefinity and nVidia's Surround. So I can't give you the straight up answer there. But that's where you should start looking.
  5. From all the reviews I see 460 sli is far superior than 5870 - it's actually pretty close to 5970. However there were no review regarding 460 sli surround vs. 5870 eyefinity with multi-display setup. I'm just worried about the advantage dropping when going to surround mode and I cannot find any real life review about the performance. Any thoughts? Thanks.
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  7. Looks like 460 SLI totally destroys 5870 at 2560 X 1600 and quite close to 5970:

    I'm going to assume the gap will be similar under 5760 X 1080 resolution and go for GTX 460 SLI setup. Thanks for all the help.
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