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So for Christmas i was hoping to purchase a new cpu and mobo, but i am not sure if my psu can handle it. My power supply is rated at 500w, and i currently have an intel dual core running off of it, and a radeon 5770. I was hoping to make the switch to AMD finally, but i am not sure if i can handle a 90-125w cpu, since i don't know much about processors.
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  1. There are 500 watt power supplies and there are 500 watt power supplies. In other words, not all 500 watt PSU's are created equal.

    What brand is yours?
  2. Model number would help as well.

    What do you mean by "make the switch to AMD finally"? Intels C2D line is fine. If your looking for a huge upgrade by switching to a dual core AMD you will be in for a disappointment.
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