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With my new Haf X chassis and gtx 470 i need extra height, because standoffs alone is not high engough to make everything sit like it should. Is it dangerous in any way to put washers beween case and standoffs? Any other solution?

Also i need more washers at the right down side of the mobo than the others to make the standoffs conect and sit tight with the mobo, isnt that a bit wierd?

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    Washers are fine; just make sure they are not creating a "bridge" between any points on the bottom of your board. I would try to keep the washer profiles as thing (small diameter) as possible.
    Another good idea would be to buy some rubber tubing that your screws will fit in, that way you can just cut pieces to the lengths you need, and you wont have to worry about shorting anything.
  2. Thank you for answering!

    So then if just not connect any washers directly to/with the mobo, everthing goes fine? Reason iam so afraid, is cuz my one motherboard got defect, and iam trying to figure out if this had anything to do with it.

    I guess i need longer "screw bones" on my standoff's, so all fit perfectly on every mobo hole.
  3. Yea. Just make the standoffs only make contact on the area designated for them. Def make sure none of the pins or solder mounds are connected.
  4. Yeah, since the washers are under, theres no chanse they can do any harm since mobo only have contact to the top of the standoffs.
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