ASUS P5E3 on Dell Vostro 200

Hi All,

I have a Dell Vostro 200 Case with the stock Motherboard ( FOXXCON G33M02 LGA 775 microATX) and the Stock Power Supply (I think 300w) and want to change my MOBO

I was wondering:

a) can I fit an Asus P5E3 Pro in that case

b) IF i can fit it, will it be compatibel and work with the stock power supply etc...

c) IF its not compatible what other options do I have in the area of microATX LGA 775 MOBO's???

Thanks in advance!!
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  1. Not a chance. I recommend you change to an antec 300. They go for around $60 at places such as The asus p5e3 is a good board, hard to find. The larger antec case will allow you to use almost any board and power supply. The dell case is small and crowded. It's not that hard to transfer the drives. But if you just want another board, I recommend the msi G41-M4F for $59.99 at newegg. At 9.6 x 7.6 inches it should easily fit your dell case. My compaq pc came with a small msi board, and it worked great. With any change to a non dell motherboard, you'll need a new windows coa. Check craigslist. Some windows 7 versions go for $50 or less. Just be sure it's sealed.
  2. I see! To be honest with you Im just looking for a relatively cheap & good value board so I can experiment a bit with overclocking the current MOBO is locked by DELL...!!! I have 4x1gb 800mhz ddr2 so the new board should have 4 slots ideally.
    Sorry for asking but what is a COA? Certificate of Authentication? And why would I need it...????

  3. Finding a micro atx board with 4 ddr2 slots is almost impossible except for some oem boards. You can check ebay for a foxconn model which had four slots, but really you don't need that many. Your present COA is tied to a small bios file that identifies your board as geniune dell. Microsoft gives the windows software at a discount if it only works with one motherboard. So, if your current dell board works, I would leave it alone, and start saving for your next system. I've been building my own for twenty years, and worked in one of the dell factories in austin tx before it shut down. To summarize, upgrading a dell is not a good deal. Either build your own next time or get another cheap dell system with the cpu you want; don't expect to be able to upgrade the cpu easily or cheaply.
  4. After cheking the market thats what I plan to do in the end and looking at the ANTEC case it seemed like a very good deal for a medium size. As for the DELL I will leave it as it is and maybe just try the BSEL MOD to see if it works....

    Thanks for the responses!!!!
  5. Is there a way to remove the I/O rear plate on a Dell vostro 200. I wish to change my MOBO too.. Any suggestions??
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