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Hey guys, my first post so be nice yurr?

Basically i have an issue where every time my monitor loses signal (power off, blinking when installing drivers, standby etc) it goes blurry/cloudy. It's hard to describe how it looks but when i load a black graphic it looks almost grey. This first occured after installing new drivers after using a driver cleaner i believe...and i have tried rolling back to the previous ones when everything was fine but they still carry this issue

The monitor i am using is a BenQ E2220HD and is running on a ATI Radeon 5750 connected by a HDMI to HDMI cable both of which were purchased at Christmas as gifts. I am currently running on the latest drivers for the card (10.7)

I have through pure luck been able to resolve the issue by bringing up my built in monitor menu, going to "Picture advanced" and changing the HDMI RGB PC Range from (0~225) which is the blurry setting to (16~235). I have no idea what it means but it gives me a clear picture. As you can imagine this gets extremely monotinous.

RGB is in fact not the native setting for this monitor, instead it's YcbCr or something which i would use, but i have an issue with that too...while it is enabled the icons and icon text are also blurry/pixelated, i have tried to find solutions for this using the mighty google which led to messing with dpi and active title bar, none of which helped.

Any help is greatly appreciated :)
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  1. Already try with another LCD?
  2. wa1 said:
    Already try with another LCD?

    No i haven't but i'll do that asap.
  3. Read the manual of your BenQ monitor. There is an option for the monitor to save the setting that works.
  4. i've just checked my documentation that came with the monitor, there is only "important safety instructions" and "quick start guide". I then tried to download the manual in pdf from the BenQ website but it just gives an error :/...
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