Hard drive is failing

Hello, lately I have been receiving windows pop ups that say my hard disk is failing. When I get a new hard disk, how do I instal my OS onto the new one?
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  1. Before buying a new drive I would run some disk utilities on the drive to make sure the drive is actually failing. If you search the forums for hard drive utilities you should find a good one to use. There is a utility that comes with Windows that will check for errors. Right click on the drive, click on properties, click on the Tools tab, under Error-checking click on the Check now button and follow the prompts. Other than the pop ups is your computer performing as it was before you started getting the pop up messages? Have you run a virus scan?
  2. I did the Windows check for errors utility and when it was all done, I had a message appear that said something like "checking file system c: The volume is clean"

    Everything seems to be running fine.

    I used CrystalDickInfo 5.1.0 yesterday and it said it was in caution, but its been like that for a while now. Just tested it right now, it turned to Bad. It shows that "Reallocated Sectors Count" and "Reallocation Event Count" in red.
  3. I would backup your data and replace the drive.

    See this article for SMART info:
  4. Well I'm planning to get a new one. Are there any specifications to consider which hard drive I should buy? Also, my computer came with Vista, which I then used a Windows 7 free upgrade from HP, so how do I set up the new hard drive?

    My hard drive is a ST3500418AS 500.1GB
  5. sounds more like a virus than a bad HDD, if there are constant popups. or run seatools from post, not in windows. Normally SMART errors are the only popups
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    Well this is the warning that I first started receiving.
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    This is what my computer says when I restart it or turn it on. So I dont know if a virus can make this kind of warning.
  8. The BIOS warning is not due to malware.

    I would run SeaTools for DOS against the drive, save the Test Code, and then go to Seagate's web site and process an RMA.

    Of course, backup your data ASAP.
  9. Doesn't sound like Malware of any sort.
    You can use anything such as flashdrives, external hardrives, discs etc, to backup your data.
    Have you already made your recovery discs for your computer? That is something you should of done long ago when you first bought your computer unless you built it yourself, then you should have your Windows disc/download that you can come back to.


    That is a great hard drive that I've had for about a year and a half. Great price going on right now too.

    Now, if you want something that will give you a nice bang for the buck, with the sacrifice of capacity is to get yourself an SSD (Solid State Drive) these things allow your computer to boot up in half the time a mechanical drive takes. It loads games faster, opens windows faster. As I said, good bang for your buck and I would strongly suggest getting one of these if space isn't an issue.


    That's just a random one I picked from Newegg, but that'll give you some idea on the price and capacity.

    Hope I helped a bit.

    -Manic :)
  10. All my files are backed up.

    Am I able to use my recovery disks to put the OS on a whole different hard drive?
    Can I just buy any hard drive I want and it should work with my computer?

    I have a 1TB portable hard drive. Would it be a good idea to buy a SSD and just put my most used files on that, while the rest is stored in my portable? Or should I just go with a hard drive?

    Thanks for the help guys.
  11. Yeah, bad HDD for sure
  12. Also will getting a new hard drive cause me to need more power?
  13. You should be fine replacing the drive. You shouldn't need additional power to run the drive.
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