HD 5850 vs GTX 460

What the hell is the 5850 not the best Bang for Buck anymore?

reading 5 different reviews saying the gtx 460 1g is best Bang for Buck right now...
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  1. 5850 has yet to drop in price, presumably due to supply/demand.
  2. Hands down, the hd5850.
  3. Still... HD5850.
  4. i would say 5850 is tops for bang/buck in that mid-high range category

    i would also say that 2 x GTX 460's for SLI would take tops in the high-end category as it bests a GTX 480 and comes within 5 - 10 % of the 5970.
  5. Well for $100 less, the 768mb GTX460 performs very well. The 1GB version, at $230 is even closer, and then it's an extra $70 for the 5850. GTX460 is definitely a great card and should stir up the competition, but at the same time the 5850 does perform better.
  6. but the 5850 is still the best bang for the buck yes?
  7. grandangler said:
    but the 5850 is still the best bang for the buck yes?

    Do you want a yes or no answer ?

    Then NO. or maybe yes :)


    All of our performance testing showed the two Galaxy video cards to perform faster than HD 5850 CrossFireX. The Galaxy GT X 460 1GB SLI simply lays the smack down on HD 5850 CrossFireX. When you look at the utter performance dominance, and the fact that you can get the GTX 460 for a lot less cash, the real value is GeForce GTX 460 1GB SLI. Just think, the GTX 460 1GB SLI configuration has proven to be a better performing solution compared to single card GTX 470, GTX 480, HD 5850, HD 5870, and 5850 CFX (Yes, we are testing 5870 CFX now.). GTX 460 1GB SLI has proven to be a better value than single card GTX 480, single card HD 5870 at an expense of about $40, and surely a better value than HD 5850 CFX.
  8. what would be better two gtx460's or two HD 5850's???
  9. nevermind did not read post above mine... my bad
  10. Those benchmarks are wrong now.

    Check out their follow-up review, "NV GTX 460 1GB SLI vs. ATI HD 5850 CFX Redux," using the new drivers. Radeon HD 5850 (Crossfire) pulls ahead of GTX 460 overclocked (SLI) in several areas.



    5760x1200 - 3x1

  11. Yes , I read the redux articles. ATI owners should thank Hocp for exposing these driver updates that screwed crossfire performance in POPULAR games. lol
    The hardware does not run without the software (so obvious, but making a point), frustrating for 58XX owners to invest in dual gpu and get these hiccups. Read some good comments in the discussion for the redux article.
    5870 vs gtx 460 redux
    discussion of article
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