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Two issues im facing during my current installation:

1.) Mounting my WD SiliconEdge Blue SSD (item #: N82E16820250002) inside my HAF 922 Case
It appears to be too small to mount inside the case. Ive tried using the two metal brackets that came with the HAF 922, however, none of the screw holes match up.

Do i need to purchase a SSD mounting kit seperately? Please advise

2.) The HAF 922 case comes with a front fan, top fan, and rear fan. Currently, i have my rear and front fans connected to the 3 prong "PWR_Fan" and "CHA_Fan1" mobo connectors. My aftermarket cooler is connected to the CPU_Fan. Im not seeing any other 3 prong connectors on the mobo.

Does it matter if i connect two of the fans to my ASUS mobo and connect the third via a 4 prong molex PSU connector? Or could i connect all my case fans directly to my PSU via the sleave 4 prong molex connectors? Is one way more advantageous than the other? Please advise.

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  1. 1) If you got an OEM SSD, then yes. Most retail-boxed SSDs come with a mounting bracket. Check out Newegg's Hard Drives -> HDD Accessories for lots of options.

    2) You can connect to the molex connectors if you like. The downside is that without any modifications, the fans connected to the molex connectors will run at 100% all the time. The fans connected to the motherboard will be able to be controlled via software.
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