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I'm looking for a gaming laptop (parents wont let me get a desktop) for college. I was thinking how great the 480m was but then saw the battery power and then passed on it. Now I think the next best thing would be the mobility hd 5870. But does anyone know how long the battery would last if I had:
Windows 7 Professional
mobility hd 5870
6 gb RAM
500-640 GB HDD
Is there a better configuration?
i need this laptop for the next 4 years. I wont be gaming unplugged though. I will be using things like Pinnacle Studio 12 (capture vg footage with capture card), Sony Vegas Pro 9.0 (editing, I will render plugged in), and go on the web/type, microsoft office programs and stuff.
I know that is alot, but my parents are pressing me to make a decision. Any help is great!
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  1. when not in turbo mode, the i7-740 can be run at 1.74ghz to help preserve battery life. buy an extra battery if you are truly worried but you will be fine.
  2. ^Thanks for the reply/info. Does anyone know specific time? Does anyone else have this configuration?
  3. I would just like to know how long "fine" is.
  4. A little late to the game here, but I run precisely this config on an Envy 14 and get ~100 minutes battery life with the 8-cell HP battery. Granted, I rely heavily on wireless and bluetooth, and use it mostly for gaming/movies. I'm betting you'd get closer to 120 minutes with more casual use.
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