Best 1TB-2TB external hardrive?

I am looking to buy a good external hardrive for 1TB or 2TB but everywhere i go, people say this one is great than some others say this is CRAP do not buy. Im probally just going to use the external for storage and a backup for windows or some files. Please help I do not want to store files on a crappy hardrive and I dont want to deal with bad customer service like everyone says.

P.S. Should i just buy another internal hardrive to backup my files, if so which one should i get. I heard of barracuda and "green" drives? I already own a Samsung 830 SSD and might get a 840 Pro, but dont want to go through a headache just for faster OS times (had to learn/talk to dell support for 24 hours literally)

Thank You
Price under $200 would be perfect.
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  1. If you're looking for a large capacity external drive for storage then you shouldn't really worry too much about brands and blue, green black. Such a drive wont be running software or an OS so unless you plan on running benchmarks on it, it doesn't really make a difference. All standard drives (not ssd) are pretty much the same, and all brands are good.
    No matter which one you choose if it is faulty the fault will arise within the first few weeks of use so you will be covered by warranty. My suggestion would be to buy the one that suits your budget best and you will be glad you did so in the future.
  2. i mean i rather have a external hardrive and everyone i look at everyone says cant backup properly or breaks down
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