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I'll be using an existing hard drive for my upcoming first time build. My question is:

Is it safest to format the hard drive and start fresh with installing windows after I get it booted? Or can I use my existing drive with windows already installed and go from there. Since the existing drive has all sorts of drivers installed that won't work on the new system I can see that being an issue. Is there a way to backup the existing drive(to my external backup drive) to where I can get all the installed programs and files back on it after a fresh windows install? Some sort of disc image software I guess.

Just curious my options, thanks ahead for the help :D
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    Most windows programs need installed since the use windows registry. You usually cant copy from your prior windows drive and have them work.

    Re-installing from scratch is safest. Its rare to successfully update the drivers and get an existing install working.
  2. I had a feeling that was the case. It's also kind of cathartic to start fresh again. It's amazing the random stuff you accumulate through time.
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