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How can i make the sound come off of my sound card on my ati 4350?
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  1. Enable hd audio for ati in device manager.
  2. I did that already no sound yet.
  3. You have to choose one or the other as your default sound device.
  4. i did that but what do i need to do to get sound cuase my monitor does not have built in speakers.
  5. Do you have an Ati dvi-hdmi adapter that came with your card?
    Do you have the Realtek drivers installed?

    Install the ATI HDMI Audio Device drivers
  6. If your monitor has no built in speakers where do you expect to hear the sound from? The crystal in the screen? Your card is probably outputting the sound you just have no way to know without having your sound source hooked up to some speakers.
  7. well i was wanting to hook it up to my surround soud speakers and my card has an dvi svideo an vga inputs.
  8. Have you checked your audio settings in bios to make sure onboard sound is enabled?
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