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Hello i new to this site and i being studying for couple months how to build my own pc.. the problem is that im not too confidence in about the parts that i pick out. Mostly is about the motherboard. I want to buy a Coolmater advanced II mid tower but wondering if P55 ftw sli evga mother will fit nicely in there? Plus in comparison to the CM Haf 922 case which is better?

Plus is that motherboard good? Or is there a better one for similar price?

I would like to point that i have a extranal 1tb drive on my old system should just buy a SDD instead of regular hardrive if so can you help pick one out for me?
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  1. Most importantly,give me ur budget for the entire rig and if u wanna play games with it....

    Also the Coolermaster HAF 922 is the way to go bcoz it has all the COOLER MASTER CM690 II Advanced's features and has A LOT BETTER COOLING even if they're the same price.

    CM690 2 advanced has one 120mm rear fan, one 140mm blue LED fan and one 140mm top fan to

    HAF 922 has two 200mm fans; one in the front and one on the top, as well as a 120mm rear fan

    An SDD is A LOT faster but also A LOT more expensive, its ok if u buy a normal internal hard drive, its both a lot cheaper and has hell lot more capacity, IMO, SDD is not worth it.

    This is another P55 motherboard, but its a reknowned bang-for-ur-buck, a lot cheaper and also has a 3-year warranty..although it doesn't support SLI, it has u even need SLI?
  2. that board would bottleneck 2 gpus it only has 1x16 lane and 1x4 lane in meaning the other gpu would run in a x4 lane, best p55 mobo IMO price vs performance or if you want a gigabyte board go for the p55a ud4p, yes the haf922 is a better case, what processor are you getting, i suggest an i5 760, and the best choice for an internal hdd now is the samsung spinpoint f3
  3. also what graphics card and power supply are you planning to get
  4. Thanks for the replies

    CPU: lynnfield i7 850k 2.93 processor
    Gpu: 470 geforce gfx evga SC edition to over clock
    Psu: or

    I may invest in liquid cooling but not a fan of swiftech liquid cooling kits any better kits?

    Yes thank for talking me into haf case

    I'll look at those motherboard
  5. i wouldnt go for the gtx 470, im not a fan of gf100 cards they are to power hungry and run hot, i suggest an hd5850 or 5870
  6. But it why I'm going to use liquid cooling.. Plus I would like to have a graphic card with sli option when I buy another card for my rig which will be a evga waterblock gtx geforce 470
  7. no man, get the GTX 460! its more of a bang-for-ur-buck, that is if u really want SLI otherwise if u can take Crossfire, u can take some of Gordon's suggestions....and also to Gordon, thanks for introducing a better mobo, sorry that posted a bottlenecker, I never thot of PCi x16's and x8's
  8. gtx 460 is best bang for the buck but i think this thread starter has the money to get something better, you can crossfire ati cards so you can also add a second gpu down the line, i guess if you are getting liquid cooling the gtx 470 is perfect
  9. Yea rather just have 470... Oh yeah thanks for the mobo gordon has 2x USB 3.0 nice!! will post back with other question.. Oh yeah which psu is better from list?
  10. GTX 470 is the best bang/buck if you buy it on the firesales it's been on recently.
  11. How about the ones I pick because I'm going for a 1000 watt psu so it can handle sli.
  12. I just did some tests on PSU calculator:
    System Type: 1 physical CPU
    Motherboard: High End - Desktop
    CPU: Intel Core i7-870 2930 MHz Lynnfield
    CPU Utilization (TDP): 90% TDP

    RAM: 4 Sticks DDR3 SDRAM
    Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470
    Video Type: SLI

    High rpm SATA: 2 HDDs

    DVD/CDRW Combo Drive: 2 Drives
    Blu Ray Internal Drive: 1 Drive

    Sound Blaster - All Models: Yes
    PCI-e x1 Card: 2 Cards

    USB: 10 Devices

    LED: 5 Fans 250mm;

    Water Pump: Swiftech MCP 655
    Water Pump: Swiftech MCP 655
    Water Cooling Kit: Swiftech H20-220 Apex Ultra
    Pump Relay: 3 Relays

    Keyboard and mouse: Yes

    System Load: 90 %

    Recommended Wattage: 842 Watts

    I used some of the most expensive swiftechs as example, and even 4 sticks DDR3 RAM as well GTX 470 u shud need around 850 watts are more
  13. How about this one

    It on sale and it's same price and 1000watts
  14. no go for a trusted brand stick with corsair, seasonic, antec and so on psus
  15. XFX has a huge sale on their black editions right now.
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