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I have a PC with these configurations: Intel(R) Pentium 4 CPU 3.06GHz,1GB RAM with XP Service Pack 2 OS.My previously 160GB sata Hard disk crashed.When I replaced it with a new 500GB sata hard disk with MS XP Service Pack 2 OS my PC responds very slowly.I installed no software in it. Only installed Audio driver.When I start or shut down my PC it takes more than 5 mins of time.It also takes time when I open a folder.Earlier the above configuration was there in my 160 gb hard disk.Can you please tell me what's the problem in it???
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  1. I would recommend installing the drivers for the other components in your computer (your motherboard and the software that came with it). It should be on a disk that originally came with your computer. Installing the other drivers should make it so that the other components operate correctly and more efficiently therfore resulting in your computer booting faster.
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