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Hey guys,
Today was a lucky day I found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow; My wife told me she wanted to play an MMO with me! back when we first started dating she played FFXI with me and we had a good time, but now that FFXIV is about to come out I figured that would be a great game to get her into. However the PS3 release isnt until march and I would like to get started. I have been trying to find recommended hard ware specs for the game without any luck, I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with the benchmark test and if you think it would be feasable to build her a comp for around $500 that would be playable. I would really like to do this for her.
thanks in advance,
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  1. Is that $500 for just case, PSU, mobo, CPU, RAM, GPU? <should be ok if this is the case>
    Or do you also need monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers inside that budget? <going to be tough>
  2. @ OP could you fill this out please:
  3. Yep lots of blanks to be filled like any usable h/w, LCD and resolution for gaming, yada yada
  4. I think we can live with just the system itself. I can scrounge up a keyboard mouse and speakers.


    BUDGET RANGE: $500 before rebates


    PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers


    COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: United States of America

    PARTS PREFERENCES: I am most familiar with Nvidia but I am open to whatever



    MONITOR RESOLUTION: prob a 27 in lcd so pretty high

    ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Im pretty sure Im gonna paint the whole thing with pink appliance paint, so some adjustable red (pink) neons would be nice.
  5. Found the minimum system req's:
    processor: Intel core 2 duo (2.0 ghz)
    amd athlon x2 (2.0 Ghz)
    21 gb hdd space
    Ram: 1.5 gb windows xp, 2 gb windows vista or 7
    Video: Gefore 9600 512 vran or equivalent
    ati radeon hs 2900 series with 512 vram or equivelant
    Resolution: 1280 x 720 32 bit
  6. I was actually thinking of tis with a video card upgrade
  7. If your 27" display is an LCD monitor then its native resolution is 1920 x 1080 so i would say hitting a GTX 460 for a wee bit over $500 flat would be the best solution for gaming
  8. That C2D / DDR2 system will have no upgrade room in a couple of years. It'll be a strong enough system for now, but the following will have a lot of headroom for upgrades.

    CPU : $75 AMD Athlon II X3 440

    MOBO : $90 ASRock 870 EXTREME3

    RAM : $90 Mushkin Enhanced Silverline 4GB (2 x 2GB)

    HDD: $55 SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 500GB

    PSU: $55 OCZ Fatal1ty OCZ550FTY

    GPU : $140 Sapphire Radeon HD 5770

    DVD : $21 LG SATA DVD Burner - Bulk LightScribe Support

    Case: $50 Rosewill CHALLENGER Gaming ATX Mid Tower Case

    Total = $576. The Mobo can be cheaper, the PSU can be cheaper, as can the Case. Still, a good gaming build is difficult to have for under 500 using quality components.

    Cheaper Mobo : $60 ASRock M3A770DE. Support for DDR3 1600 off the rack, but no USB 3.

    Cheaper but reliable PSU brand : $40 Rosewill Green Series RG430-S12 430W (31A on the +12V Rail should be good enough for the 5770)

    Cheaper No-bling Case : $30 GIGABYTE SECC ATX Mid Tower Case

    That brings it down to $511. That's as far down as I would go. I won't downgrade the GPU for a gaming build.

    EDIT - You'll need a different (read - more expensive) PSU if you wanna OC (CPU,RAM,GPU) & XFire the 5770 at the same time.
  9. Love the PSU + HDD combo. Absolute must.

    Never used NZXT. Dunno a thing. Also, going with C9 seems weird 'coz it's the same price as C7. Yes, doesn't matter much, but still.
  10. i think what im gonna do is mod my case and cut out a heart with a jigsaw and put pink plexi glass behind it so i dont need to have an expensive case.
  11. cal guy thats a really good $500 build thx alot for the info.
  12. Great news I have two sticks of 2gb ddr2 laying around at my house
  13. srobison62 said:
    Great news I have two sticks of 2gb ddr2 laying around at my house

    So you dont have to buy new keychains? :lol:

    All of the new motherboards use DDR3; DDR2 isnt very useful except to sell on ebay to get more money in your budget.

    That dual core CPU is only $6 less than the triple core.
  14. what I should do is put my old mobo and ram in my wifes comp and upgrade myself. I am currently running this.
  15. I think im gonna try and trade/sell my random ram that I have, I have 3 gskill 1gb sticks and two 2gb gskill sticks.
  16. srobison62 said:
    what I should do is put my old mobo and ram in my wifes comp and upgrade myself. I am currently running this.

    Yep - Q6600 overclocked is still a decent gaming CPU that can easily keep up with mid-range graphics cards (5770, 460, 260, 4870)
  17. yea I wanna get something I can upgrade into an I7, Im running a gtx 295 right noow on that mobo.
  18. Thats like putting a big-block hemi in a Honda... :ouch:
  19. lmao, yea i have been feeling the pull of a mobo with ddr3 for a while now.
  20. I talked to my wife I think thats what im gonna do this way I dont have a spare mobo and ram hanging around, but I wont be able to use my current cpu chip if I get a mobo with the I5/I7 chipset right?
  21. Core2 is discontinued, you cant use it in any new motherboard. Its still got decent performance when overclocked, but its a dead-end.
  22. I would like to mention, that for many of the AMD CPUs, Microcenter do give away a free (after $20 MIR) DDR2 based 785G Biostar board, so if you have a Microcenter nearby, it may be worth it to go and check this out. You can always upgrade the motherboard to AM3 + DDR3 RAM quite easily down the road. This should allow you to save some money.
  23. $511AR
  24. @ srobison62

    If you have an old 775 Mobo or DDR2 RAM sticks lying around, it makes sense to use 'em for now & upgrade later.

    But it really doesn't make a lot of sense to go with a C2D - DDR2 system from scratch at this stage especially with all the new stuff that's coming out in the next few months.

    Maybe, if you're not in absolute need of a system right now, then waiting out this period will be a good idea, 'coz prices are definitely gonna come down in the next few months.
  25. Quote:

    If you have an old 775 Mobo or DDR2 RAM sticks lying around, it makes sense to use 'em for now & upgrade later.

    Agreed. Also, why not just get an AM2+ motherboard that have support for AM3 CPUs? This way, you can still use the DDR2. For example: or
  26. I am gonna take my current mobo, cpu, and ram and use them too build my wifes comp, and I am going to upgrade my computer respectively.
  27. This is whay I am currently thinking about:

    But the I5 isnt LGA 1336, do they make anything less than an I7 for that slot?
  28. Nope, 1366 is exclusively for the i7's. (Excluding the 860/870/875 etc).
  29. Imo, if you absolutely don't need a PC right now, I recommend you wait until Sandy Bridge comes out.
  30. surely they are going to be really expensive though.
  31. I can either spend $500 upgrading my comp, Or I could build my wife a comp for $500. It seems to me, to be a better Idea to go ahead and upgrade mine, because if I wait I will just have those pieces sitting around. But at the same time I would really like to get a good mother boardthat I can upgrade with another cpu later. Advice is greatly appreciated, and thanks for all the help so far.
  32. Well, you could build a new PC and give your old PC to your wife. And yes, Sandy Bridge will be relatively expensive until about a month or two after release.
  33. Do you need SLI/crossfire? If not you can get that:

    The mobo doesn't have SATA 3 but most likely you won't need it.
  34. Whats funny is that is the exact combo I was looking at earlier, Is it better in your opinion of the parts I listed below? I must be missing the FSB speed on there. [...] 6813130081 [...] 6819115017
  35. Socket 775 is dead and I see you have a GTX275. You don't need SLI, that video card is still good and by the time you won't be able to run the games, it will be completely obsolete. So instead of buying a second old card then you'll better sell that one and buy a new one with DX11 and all the new stuff.

    You better go the latest AMD socket rather than 775:
    AMD Phenom II X4 955
  36. +1 on going the AM3 route instead of 775.

    Note: If you don't want to buy DDR3 RAM, there are quite a bit of good AM2+ boards that support AM3 CPUs and DDR2.
  37. That mobo and cpu looks really good, I have never ran anything but intel, is there anything else I need to know about?

    pus I am running a gtx295 so I should be fine as far as GPU's go.
  38. Question: this ( )is the heatsink I am currently using on my rig, I dont really want to put it on my wifes computer because I need a smaller case, will this cool it as well.?
  39. think i might just get this combo, then all I am missing is a video card.
  40. If you need to go that route, save yourself some hassle and risk and get a factory sealed watercooler like this H50.
  41. The only thing not so good about that combo is the mATX mobo. You can use one of these combos and get some ATX mobo.

    Your CPU cooler works on AM3.

    Wait, the case is for you or for the wife's computer? And you need a video card for your wife's computer?
  42. srobison62 said:
    think i might just get this combo, then all I am missing is a video card.

    That combo was on sale for ~$300 on the Shell Shocker today morning.
  43. mosox said:
    The only thing not so good about that combo is the mATX mobo. You can use one of these combos and get some ATX mobo.

    What's wrong with mATX? For what the OP needs it for, mATX is more than enough. You really need an ATX case only if going CrossFire, more RAM,etc.
  44. OK, then you can get a cheaper case (you keep the old one) and you need a video card, say HD 5770 or GTX 460. You also need the HDD, optical and a PSU.

    You can get a case/RAM combo and something like this:

    Also look at the case/HDD and optical/PSU combos above.
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