Graphical Artifcals in certain games

My current setup is 4850HD x2, 8gigs of ram, 750 watt power supply, Q9550 at 3.0ghz.

Recently I have began beta testing FFXIV and have had issues with graphical artifacts showing up in game. I have had no other issues in other games at all, it seemed to be just this one. They are rather severe, pretty much blocking out the majority of the screen with triangle and diamond shapes of all colors jutting out all over the place. I thought at first it was perhaps the game, but no one else is reporting the same problems or anything like the problems I am having.

During the SC2 beta I played the game on ultra settings flawlessly. I played the retail version several hours yesterday without any issues as well. Earlier today during one mission I experienced some minor artifacts appearing from the mining effects of the SCVs, but no other issues aside from that.

I checked my cards temperature, at idle it sits around 39-40c. During SC2 it gets to about 58c or so, and during FFXIV it gets up to 80c. This is with my fans set at 50%, and no OCing.

I have recently played Mass Effect 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Fallout 3, Oblivion, Assassins Creed 2, all on max or near max settings and have had no issues.

Anyone have any idea what may be causing these problems?

SC2 is negligible, but FFXIV is totally unplayable with the problems.
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  1. Try updating your drivers or increasing your fan speed.
  2. I guess I should have put that in there.

    I have tried it on 100% fan speed, and also tried it on lower, I also tried a variety of drivers and still had no luck.

    I came back to update that I ran memtest and it says my memory is also fine. So I am rather stumped. :/
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    When you tried different drivers, did you run Driver Sweeper after uninstalling the drivers?
  4. No, actually, I didn't. I just used CCleaner like I do when I uninstall most things. Will give Driver Sweeper a try.
  5. given the only game you are epxeriencing issues with is FF XIV, i woudl put it down to being a beta. even if no one else is having the same issues, people seem to forget that betas are usually FULL of bugs. i wouldn't worry until an actual game has issues.
  6. That is why I mentioned SC2 also. I began having problems with Starcraft 2 today after 2 days of playing retail with no issues. I never had issues with it running in max settings during its beta, but suddenly today was running a mission, and the mining effects from the SCVs were throwing out artifacts like little streamers dancing out from each of the SCVs and the resources they were harvesting from.

    I am going to try Drive Sweeper and try out different drivers again. Hopefully SC2 is a random fluke and the problem is mainly FFXIV and it will clear up with the right drivers.
  7. lothdk said:
    When you tried different drivers, did you run Driver Sweeper after uninstalling the drivers?

    Thanks for bringing this program to my attention, as it seems to have done the job for both games.

    I ran it and tried several different drivers, using it to clean out the left over bits each time, and finally got it to work with the 10.5 drivers. So it seems there was a corrupt file or something from an older driver and an incompatibility with the newest one that was causing my problems.

    Thanks again for the other suggestions people gave as well. :)
  8. So all set?

    Quite often people forget to completely remove their drivers and conflicts occur.
  9. Yes. :)

    I had used CCleaner to uninstall the drivers before, but honestly never heard of Driver Sweeper, but it seems to have cleaned out everything and all is working now.
  10. Then what are you waiting for?

    Select lothdk's post as Best Answer so others who may be in the same situation as you (probably quite a few people) know what to do.

  11. Best answer selected by Amyba.
  12. lol, sorry, done. I thought I had. It is 4a.m here and haven't slept in awhile, so not thinking straight...

    Anyway, thanks again guys, hopefully it will help out someone else with a simple problem like mine.
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