Which of these ssd's is the best

I am looking to purchase my first ssd. I have a SATA 2 board, but I am keen on purchasing a SATA 3 based ssd to saturate the interface and for future-proofing. The ssds that fall within my budget are:

crucial m4 128GB
OCZ vertex 4 128GB
OCZ Agility 3 120GB
Corsair Force 3 120 GB
Corsair Force GT 120 GB
Sandisk 120 GB Extreme
Intel 330 120GB
Kingston HyperX 120GB
OCZ Vertex 3 120GB
Corsair Neutron 120GB
Sandisk 120GB Ultra

I am looking for the best performance with reliabilty intact. Thanks :)
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  1. You know what you honestly should do is read the SSD's for the money article that tomshardware puts out. You list a lot of 120 gigabyte ssds's that are all in the same sort of range.

    You know you are going to get better performance with these. Neutron I'm not famliar with with corsair I think that is there enthusiast line not quite sure. Sandisk I don't see to many rocking them. Crucial m4 is amazing but getting dated.

    force gt>force

    here is the latest one from October

    this page will help you more so if you aren't looking to read.
  2. Hi,

    intel is better
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