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My Current Hardrive is a Cavier green 500 gb it is about 2.5-3 years old.
I notice my system sometimes freezes and transfer rates are pretty slow and overall it feels kinda slow.
I should also say i'am thinking about getting an ssd probably a 60 gb maybe 120, i hear alot of good things about it and if i decide to purchase an ssd, what kind of real world perfomance will i get out of it compared to my current HDD?. I would also like to ask if there is any modern HDD capable of giving me a significant boost in speed again compared to my current HDD especially since i can purchase a 2tb hardrive for the same amount as a 120 gb ssd

Please help me to decide whether to get a ssd (60-120gb) or a new HDD (2tb) or just keep my current set-up

P.S i would be great if someone linked me to some real world tests comparing the two or even mine.
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  1. need the rest of your system specs... may not be the drive. I use HDD on my main desktop and on my older laptop I replaced the HDD with an SSD. It seems to run smoother and faster, but I don't use it much for apps. when's the last time you cleaned out your system and put in a new OS?
  2. You can turn on SMART in your bios and run HDTune to test the hard drive. If you want to upgrade to an SSD go ahead but start with at least 120gb. Those Caviar Green drives are pretty slow out of the box so you would see amazing performance gains.

    Here's good comparisons
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