ESATA port goes to SATA3 or SATA6

I have a new mobo (specifically ASUS P8P67 if that makes a difference). It came with one of those rear chasis mount pannels that has a USB and ESTATA port.

The question is, do I connect this to one of the SATA3 ports on the mobo? ...or the SATA6 ports on the mobo?
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  1. Assuming it connects to one of the internal SATA ports, you can probably choose whichever one you want. I'd consult the manual to verify that.
  2. That's just it. The manual doesn't say anything about it. It just has a generic description that actually involves USB and 1394 connectors. But my board came with rear panel USB and ESATA connectors. It even mentions SPDIF.

    The mobo DOES have a 1394 port too, and I connected the chasis's front 1394 connector to it.

    But it doesn't say anything about the included ESATA connector at all. And there is no "male header sticking up" on the mobo that says ESATA or anything.
  3. Check the connector to see whether it looks like a SATA connection or not. You probably have an extra SATA cable to compare it to, right?
  4. The thing is that SATA 3GB looks the same as SATA 6GB.
  5. I was trying to determine whether it's a SATA connection at all.

    If it's a SATA connection, you can plug it into either kind and it will work. If it's not a SATA connection, you need to plug it in somewhere else.
  6. OK, I guess what you are saying is that ESATA is backwark compatible with SATA 6GB...which I guess is the answer to my question.
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