How can i run two drives with same different os systems and still use the progra

I need to know how to setup two hard drives either with same os win xp or different os xp and 7 but still be able to use programs from both drives. i have a 160 gig i want to use just to start and download pictures and be able to use the programs from my 500 gig on the other drive without losing anything. for the 500
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  1. it's quite simple. install win x on 160 gb drive, then put win 7 dvd(or xp )and select 500 gb hdd for installation.. you can do the partition work after installed both os, just to avoid confusion with primary partition limits...

    but for the programs you have to install it on both os.. you cant use a program installed on WINDOWS XP(ex vlc mediaplayer) in WINDOWS 7..
    every programs have to be installed twice if you want to use it(one in xp , and in win 7)..
    you may try portable applications to avoid installing both OS & wasting space, but it is limited & cannot support all the applications

    you may try cameyo *** free

    VMware ThinApp** commercial s/w

    alsotry these
    for dual boot try these links

    (you may not need any partitioning tools as you have 2 hdd)
  2. As I read your post, you only need an OS in the boot drive. The other drive can be used for storage without installing an OS.
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