Confused on my Heaven Scores

So today I modded my case so I could put cords behind it. When I put it together I decided to put my 260's in a different configuration then they were before.

Both of mine are non 216 version, but I got the second one later one and I was told it was made differently but the same card (I called EVGA and made sure they were the same so I could SLI them back in 08)....

Anyway my Heaven Benchmark from before was...

4x AA
4x Anistropy
Everything else high

FPS 17
Scores 427
Min FPS 5.0
Max FPS 35.6

But I just decided to run it again after I got my computer together to make sure I didn't mess something up.... this time (same settings)

FPS 52.9
Scores 1333
Min FPS 21.9
Fax FPS 99.4

Any explanation there? Could something have been wrong with my first card?
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  1. Yeah, they were both done with SLI. My configuration and hardware never changed. I just switched the two cards around.
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