Haf X frontpanel killed my new mobo


Yes, I started notice that the usb connectors in the frontpanel didnt work on my first mobo, and after using both ipod, mouse, and other usb devices, i tried them in my fathers rig, guess what? they all dont work anymore... I was so angry, but at that time i didnt know for sure, if it was my mobo or the frontpanel.. Same day my first mobo got defect, for some reason. And i wanted to try a new one while this is return'd to service.

So after i got windows installed I try my mouse in the new mobo, but wont recognize it, so i try every port and ultimately the frontpanelport, guess what? my friking computer dies spot on when i plug it in. I tried new psu and new power led, hdd led, powersw connectors, but the same ***, so my new mobo is dead.

Anybody know issues with cooler master's frontpanels or Haf X in particular? As far as i know, the usb input must be corrupted or have a wrong connection inside the frontpanel, cuz iam sure i plugged it correctly in my mobo.

And what should i do when i get a new chassis? should i stop using frontpanels, or is there a way to be sure it works (Haf X).

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  1. Googling "known issues with Haf X front panels" gave some ideas. Two of the front panel connectors are USB3 (blue). The case comes with 2 long blue wires that are to connect on the USB3-equipped motherboard's rear panel. CM says there is no USB3 standard, so the blue wires have to plug-in to the rear panel USB3 connectors.

    Another thought: It is sometimes possible to connect an FP USB header to an internal 1394 (firewire) connector. Board manufacturers warn that connecting a USB header to the firewire connector will damage the board.
  2. Thank you!

    Whats wtih that usb 3.0 solution? One have to choose if u want 2 connectors in front or 2 in back, cuz the front ones needs the back ones. Then i rather use thoose cables as usb 3.0 cabels from any device thats support.

    Yeah also abt the usb 3.0, in the manual u could "convert" them usb 2.0 so that i did, but i really didnt use usb3.0 output in the front, only the other 2.0 in the front.

    And iam sure i didnt plug usb header in firewire connector, cuz my board had a little "lid" over the firewire connector, witch i didnt remove, and the firewire cable from fronpanel, i didnt use. The only thing i could think of is, if the manufator plugged firewire inn usb, so the usb header was indeed a firewire header without anybody knowing.
  3. You're welcome. CM says there is no USB3 standard yet for the motherboards' internal pins. Just double-check your wiring before you power the next board.
  4. I'm looking at buying the HAF X, so was doing a bit of research and noticed this:


    Seems the wires connected through the front panel's circuit board create a fairly sharp barb on the other side. When this is sandwiched against the front port's wires it cuts through, causing a short circuit.

    Easily fixed by insulating the wires with something tough, but an annoying design fault in what otherwise looks like my perfect case.
  5. Thanks for the post, I didn't see that issue before. While I prefer CM's 690 series cases, the HAF series look pretty good. Now you can fix that problem before it fires you board.
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