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My specs:I7 2600k (OC'D 4.7 GHZ) 16 Gigs G Skill Rip Jaws Ram (1866 Mhz) EVGA GTX 580 3 GB SLI Asus Deluxe Z68 MoBo 3 TB Barricuda XT also OCZ Vettex 4 256 GB SSD HAF 932 Black Advance Case X7 Ultra CPU Fan LG Blu-Ray Burner 1300 Watt Rosewill PSU (80 Gold)

My Question:Hello my friends,and good day to you!
I bought a second Vertex 4 SSD 256 gb on sale from Amazon.
So now I have two of them along with my 3 TB Barricuda XT.
So my question is this,would you put these in Raid or should I leave the one I already have with my OS and on it and just hook up the other for when I run out of space?
I heard that if one SSD fails in Raid then both will fail,is that true?
I have no OS on my 3TB,I just install all my steam games which alllow me to install to the other HD.
I mostly like to put my MMO's on SSD.
So what benefeits do you guy's/gal's recieve from dual SSD's?
Or keep 'em seperated?
Thanks,for your time,and hopefully advice.
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  1. If you use Raid0 then if they fail you loose everything. With SSDs the speed benefit will not be very noticible. If you use Raid1 then a failure will be recoverable but you only have the capacity of one of the drives to use, the other is just a duplicate of the first.

    I recommend you keep them separate. Keep the boot SSD fairly clean. You could start putting your steam stuff and other games on the 2nd SSD.
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    SSD's in RAID are no different than HDD's in RAID.
    I've had 2 60GB Agility in RAID0 for over 2 years now. Neither drive has failed.
    I have tiered storage set up, so my documents and files are all stored automatically on my hard drive but my OS and programs are on the array. That way I get all the speed and it doesn't matter what happens to my OS drive, failure, corruption, virus, etc. I still have all my documents and whatnot on my HDD.

    Also, if you do regular backups you won't have to worry about losing data.

    SSD's in RAID 0 will double the speed of the SSD. You can probably break 1gbps on those drives.

    I see no reason not to do it, except for loss of TRIM. However, if you read this article, you could get it running again.
  3. Okay thanks alot for your help you two,I am keeping them seperate I just formated the new one and it is empty,I will install my OS to it later and keep my older one with all the my games on it the way it is.
    There is only 6 gb's left on it anyway,damn these games are getting bigger eh?
    Max Payne3 and guild wars 2 also Total war shogun 2 pretty much takes up al the space. :/ Thanks again :) Tom's Hardware is always the best site for help and advice.
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  5. Sorry for typo's my wireless keyboard is heading out to the pasture. :/
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