Can i change my sata1 speed hd back to sata2?

So, i had this samsung hard disk in my old pc (which supported only sata1 speed) so i had to change the sata2 disk (samsung) to operate sata1 speed. Now i got my new pc and i am wondering if i could change samsung hard disk to operate sata2 speed wihtout losing any files?
Thank you sirs!
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  1. What did you change? There is nothing you need to change to put a sata 2 disk on a sata 1 connection. Anyway to answer you question no you will not loose anything just plug it in and go no changes needed at all.

  2. Ummh, im not sure if u understood what i ment. Back in the time i had this ancient mobo, which didn't regognize sata 2 drives, so i changed this hd's speed to old sata. Now its still working on that slow speed and i would like to change it back to its orginal sata2.
    "What did you change". I downloaded program from samsungs site which i used to boot up computer, then i changed the samsung hard drive to work on slower speed so motherboard will detect it.
  3. Remove the jumper.
  4. There is no jumpers in sata drives :/ and they dont need jumpers.
  5. And actually, to correct my infos, this hd is actually sata3 native but choked to sata1 now. :S
  6. Yes, there are jumper pins on SATA drives and you can use a jumper to set it to SATA I. But obviously you didn't do that and use Samsung ES-Tool for it.
  7. You will not loose data changing the interface speed. its like changing a network connection from 10 mb to 1gig the data does not get changed at all just the speed at which it moves.

  8. Oh yea there is but i don't have any jumpers installed, got it working now. Thank you for information sirs. Helped! =)
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