Sandybridge and SATA issues...can someone clarify?

I was just about ready to hit the 'buy now' button' for my new DAW system build, then I read this on a UK PC components site:

Intel Sandybridge P67 and H67 Motherboards SATA issue. The issue has been raised that devices connected to SATA Ports 2-5 may degrade over time.Devices connected to SATA ports 0 and 1 are not affected and can be used as normal. There is NO issue with Sandybridge Processors, only P67 and H67 Motherboards are potentially affected.

I'm a bit out of touch so apologies if this is old news now, but it's been a while since my last system build and I'm only just getting up to speed.

Is this still an issue? Are people avoiding the P67 and H67 boards? If so, I may as well go back to my first plan and get the tried and tested X58 and Intel 950!

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  1. Was recalled in Feb and mobos were out in march? I believe. It's been awhile and there shouldn't be any "bad" motherboards but the "fixed" ones will say b3 just to clarify.
  2. if you can get one of those earlier ones cheaper, its probly worth it to save some money. How many people have a need for 5 sata connections?

    a 1 or 2TB hard drive on one SATA... maybe an SSD or optical on the other?
  3. Thanks guys. That's clear now. Although it's worth clarifying that the online shop in question only has a few boards with this disclaimer on. So old stock basically. And no, they are still full price, so go figure...
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