Missing PCI Simple Comm & SM Bus Driver on GA-H67A-UD3H-B3

I just a got a GA-H67A-UD3H-B3 motherboard, and I loaded all of the drivers, and there's two missing in the device manager.

PCI Simple Communications Controller
SM Bus Controller

I used the update driver feature and I did a search on the drivers disc that came with my board and yet it didn't find anything.

I am running Windows 7 64-bit.
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  1. Try downloading the drivers from Gigabyte's web site directly. Sometimes you have to have the drivers installed for the update to work.

    64 bit drivers have stricter requirements than 32 bit, so maybe they didn't install successfully? Getting new versions from the website should fix that.
  2. Are you having any issues with devices not working or is it just simply a device manager issue? If you are NOT being limited by functionality, my best recommendation if "@CompulsiveBuilder"'s advice didn't answer it is, just disable the devices. If you are NOT impeded by the lack of them, they are likely just tag along devices Windows found in something else. The PCI controller is almost always a nuisance on installs using higher end boards. I've got an Asus and Gigabyte board BOTH looking for said driver. Been using the machines for anything and everything and just disabled the device. No problems at all. Bus controller is seen on one of my boards (Gigabyte) but also disabled with no negative results.

    Good luck.
  3. I am not having any problems with any of my devices not working. I just wanted to me suer that I didn't miss anything.
  4. Nope, doesn't sound like you've missed anything at all, weird stuff like that happens. Just have to learn from it and go on. If it's an issue, disable them, if it isn't, do as you wish but, there really isn't anything (driver) you could find to take care of the issue. Just happens.
  5. Go to the Download Center on Intel's site. Search for "management engine" and download the newest one (should be version, dated 05/24/2011). Install it and you're done.

    Edit: It says it's for Intel boards, but it works on any H61/H67/P67/Z68 board.
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