Building a small Computer and need advice on power and heat.

So I want to build a very small computer using a thin box to install under my TV to steam movies. I must work with a 300watt supply, so I need low power consuming components that also do not build up much heat.

I'm considering a Sempron or Celeron processor, but I wanted to know everyone's thoughts or experience with these smaller cpus. Thanks.
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  1. Low power Athlon II or Core 2 @ 2Ghz should be more than ample and not too big a power draw, integrated gpu is more than enough aslong as it supports HDMI.
  2. any processor should work just make sure the video card/gpu supports acceleration of 1080p if that's important to you.
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    Which is why I recommend an athlon IIx2 with a motherboard that has integrate radeon 4200 graphics. Should be able to handle everything you throw at it. Since you don't need a dedicated graphics card, pretty much anything you decide on should fit into an under 300W power supply.

    Heat should not be an issue with that setup. A sempron would also work fine (the 140).
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