New gaming rig , Need feedback

Ok, so the last rig i built used an old ATI9800pro graphics card so obviously things have changed allot since then.

my proposed build is this.



CPU: i5-750


so my questions are:

will these parts be compatible?
are there any other setups i should consider at similar price points?

im looking for this system to play games like aion, tera, guildwars 2, and final fantasy 14 at max settings at 50fps+
will this rig do it?
or should i keep saving.

thanks in advance
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    P7P55D is an early model. You should look for a newer motherboard style with USB3/SATA3 (which is the P7P55D-E)

    The GTX 460 1GB is as fast as the 465 but uses less power, generates less heat, etc. The 465 was a very disappointing card, the 460 is pretty good.

    You should get the newer intel i5 760 for about the same price.

    Corsair is good ram, but generally overpriced. These Gskill Eco are faster and lower voltage for cheaper.

    No one can tell you what GW2 is going to require for max settings. Ive been trying to get that from someone at the tradeshows with no luck. The 460 is a pretty strong card at 1920x1080, but not superb at it. Its really an upper-midrange card.

    Without a good power supply, those parts are just a paperweight. You have to figure out your graphics card situation because that dictates how powerful of a PSU you need.

    You have a top end CPU mixed with a mid-high graphic card. You could drop to an AMD Phenom IIx4 955/965 system and use the saving to get a 5850 graphics card for better gaming performance. If your plan is to maybe get a second 460 1GB card in a year (when they finally release GW2) then the i5 system is a great idea.
  2. Thank you so much for a great response. very helpfull
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