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I'm looking around for a good ISP. I don't use the term "good" lightly. I have At&t dsl now, and am largely unsatisfied with it. I don't need ridiculously blazing fast speeds; 3 or 6 Mbps is good enough, but my issue with At&t is that they turn off my internet when I use too much. I don't want to pay for internet access that they refuse to give me. Therefore I ask you lovely people, are there any ISPs you know of that don't have some sort of "excessive usage" restriction/charge and also have nothing against running a server? I know I'm going to get a response that says I should just google it and read through terms of service for my answer, but I thought I'd ask to see if anyone already knew anything that might be of help. Thanks
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  1. Well with DSL you usually get a cap on your download limit a month. After you reach that cap, your speeds are drastically reduced.

    With cable internet you don't have this issue. However, more users using cable internet within your neighborhood can affect your speeds.

    If your mostly using at night or "off peak" times, cable will help with your speed issues.

    Hope some if the info helps you out.
  2. I had ATT in 2008 and don't recall ever suffering from that issue.

    I have Cox now and am currently wanting to switch back to ATT, but unfortunately I'm living with someone who refuses to change.

    For people to give a good answer, we'd have to know who is available in your area.
  3. i like my new at&t dsl (basic plan , 19.99/mo)
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