How to prevent information on a flash drive from downloading to a hard drive whe

I am very novice when it comes to computers and the such. I truly am a techno-idiot. I just want to know that if a flash drive is used on a computer, does any of the information (on the flashdrive) get stored in the computer's history? If I worked on a document that is storred in the flash drive, can any of that be traced back to the use of the flash drive or become part of the computer's history? The same goes for movies on a flash drive or pictures. Hope this makes since. Thanks.
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  1. go to task bar and start menu properties by right click on task bar.
    select " start menu" tab
    uncheck 2 options under privacy (store and displays recently..........)

    or else get ccleaner to delete all history after every time you use flashdrive
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