Phenom II X2 560

i was wondering how fast the phenom II x2 560 UNLOCKED ?
to what cpu can i compare it?
benchmarks with that cpu unlocked would be apreciated . :)
thankkkkk youuuu
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  1. An unlocked phenom II x2 560 would perform the same as a phenom IIx4 at 3.3GHz , since it is just an x4 with 2 cores disabled:
    ^since AMD does not sell quad cores at 3.3GHz, here is the next best thing, 3.2GHz. little difference.

    Do not forget that amd locks their cores for a reason, they are often defective. The only reason it sometimes works is because of market demand: amd will be forced to disable 2 cores on a perfectly good quad core and sell it as a dual core to meet the market demand.
  2. If you are planning up buying it just for the core unlock potential, then my recommendation is to put your cash to better use and go for a true quad.. Core unlocking is very much a luck game..
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