Which graphics card do i choose?

Hi guys, this is my first time on the forum and i need some advise as to which graphics card will suit my pc best.

My budget allows me the option of a GTX 260 core 216 or a 4890. Below is the options i have but im also not sure which brand amongst these cards is the better buy.

4890 Brands:

SAPPHIRE HD 4890 1GB GDDR5 PCI-E Battlestation Edition with Game


SC-A4890H | Asus EAH4890/HTDi/1GD5


EAH4890FML/HTDI/1GD5 | ATI Radeon HD 4890-1GB 256-bit DDR5

Heres the link: http://www.pc-direct.co.za/search.aspx?Keyword=4890&submit.x=14&submit.y=19

GTX 260 core 216 Brands:

ENGTX260/2DI/896MD3 | Asus ENGTX260/2DI/896MD3

ENGTX260/HTDI/896M | ASUS ENGTX260/HTDI-896MB 448-bit DDR3

GTX260-896D3F | Leadtek NVIDIA GeForce GTX260

GV-N26OC-896I | Gigabyte GV-N26OC-896I

N260GTX Twin Frozr OC | MSI � GeForce GTX 260 PCI-Ex16 2.0, 896MB , 448



Heres the link: http://www.pc-direct.co.za/search.aspx?Keyword=gtx+260&submit.x=0&submit.y=0

My pc specs:

CPU: Core2Quad Q8200 with coolermaster Hyper TX2

Memory: OCZ 4 x 2GB DDR2 PC2-8500 Reaper HPC Edition

MOBO: MSi P45T-C51

Storage: 2x seagate 500gig's


PSU: Huntkey Titan 650W PSU

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate

Just bought me a Samsung Series 5 32" Full HD 1080p tv and im really keen to see what the games would look like on it. :bounce:

oh and i have no intension of OC'ing
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  1. I wouldn't recommend either of those cards. Looking at the prices on that site what you want is an HD5770;
    In terms of performance it is on par with the GTX 260 but it is DX11 compatible, much more power efficient and much cheaper.
    In the US the GTX 460 is also a great deal for the money but it isn't in stock there yet and from the prices of the other GTX 400 cards on that site it probably isn't worth waiting until it is.
  2. Yeah GTX400 series cards is way too pricey.

    I have always been a Nvidia fan even though ATI crossed my mind a few times.

    From what ive read on most forums the 5770 is still out classed by the 4890 in terms of performance so it's a tough choice.

    I would like to run my resolution on 1920 x 1080 so what you saying is that the 5770 can produce better FPS than a GTX 260 core 216 and 4890???
  3. +1 for the 5770. It may be a touch slower than the 4890, but runs cooler and has better features.
  4. The HD5770 is equal to the GTX 260 like I said, both are a bit slower than the HD4890(about 15%). The performance advantage doesn't nearly make up for the lack of DX11, HUGE difference in power efficiency/heat and the extra $80 in price.
  5. Another vote for HD5770...
  6. And a third.
  7. Hopefully it's not a 4th lol

    found a GTX 460 that just arrived in South Africa, the chepaest to date.


    Has anyone heard of this brand????
  8. Yep Palit seems like a decent company, if you can swing the 460 dont even hesitate, buy it yesterday.
  9. yes there a rep on this forum, if you look at the top you'll see a give away, sponsored by them. I wouldn't say there are the most beloved company here, but i wouldn't say it's at the bottom of the rung either,

    if you don't think the performance of a 5770 will satisfy you, this is next logical step up
  10. I still wouldn't say it is worth the extra money to be honest. 2099R is $285 if my conversion is correct while you can get an HD5770 for $200 on the other site. The GTX 460 is pretty much equal to the HD4890 at stock although it does give you DX11 and have a more reasonable level of power efficiency(though still not a match for the HD5770.) So you get approximately 15% extra performance for 42.5% more money. The GTX 460 however does OC to an impressive degree(30-40%) but you stated you have no intentions of doing so. If you change your mind about that then the GTX 460 is an ok if not great choice over the HD5770. Without OCing it's just not worth it imo.
  11. Problem is, they don't sell the 5770 for $200 in South Africa. Cheapest one I could find goes for R1700 which is about $225. Probably import tax. A GTX460 at R2099 is a steal.
  12. i need to get in habit of reading all the post, but if OC is not on the horizon, then the price difference isn't truly worth it. the 460 strong points is it's overclocking, and it's impressive sli scaling, so no oc or no sli means no 460
  13. I might OC the card a little bit, but Not sure if these brand of cards runs stable. I'll look out for some more reviews tho, thanx for the advise guys. If you do find any reviews on this please post the link
  14. you all sound like you may know... where if any would i be likely to have some bottlenecking in this scenario;
    I just bought my first graphic card

    Galaxy 24GGS8HX2PUX GeForce GT 240 1GB 128-bit DDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready Video Card

    i have: AMD athlon x2 ii 240 2.8mhz; 3gb/goDDR3; 500gb/go hard drive; Win7 home ed. 64 bit; OCZ Fatal1ty 550W ATX12V v2.2 (bought the computer at best buy and wanted to play some games newer than 2006, already had to buy a psu cause the
    model only came with 250w!!)

    anyways... does this sound balanced? or weak in some spots?
  15. For a mild overclock there is no difference in the abilities of the two cards.
    As for the brands MSI is good, Club isn't sold in the US and the little I've heard hasn't been encouraging. Palit is in general decent but the fan on that card is getting pretty poor reviews, especially in regards to noise;
    That's not the same exact card but they use the same cooler.
  16. sorry nevermind my post, i am so new... not trying to hijack! :)
  17. Zultar said:
    I might OC the card a little bit, but Not sure if these brand of cards runs stable. I'll look out for some more reviews tho, thanx for the advise guys. If you do find any reviews on this please post the link

    stability, isn't really determined by the vender, the gpus on all of them are the same, power delivery might be slightly different between venders. The only other big difference between venders is voltage control. As for gpu overclocking, it's an entirely difference beast then cpu overclocking, for the most part, it's as easy as moving a slider bar, and using some game or program to make sure it's stable
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