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Im currently looking for a new power supply for my computer as my old one is a PoS and i feel it is what causes my computer to restart every 30min when i play games.

Now i have a small list of 3 possible psu's that i can get today, main thing is i need it to be able to handle a Radeon HD5970.

Thermaltake 700w


Gigabyte 720w


Vantec 800w


Out of those 3 which would be a definite to run the pc / graphics card with no problem?

Thanks in advance
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  1. Why those 3 units? There are better ones out there for that price. The only one i could actually find a price for was that thermaltake one which wasnt impressing me once i saw the price. You can pick up the XFX 750W unit for less off of newegg, its a solid unit built by seasonic that has 62A(744W) on its 12V rail so it has more than enough power for a 5970.
  2. The Thermaltake is the best of the lot and more well known then the others as far as psu's go.
  3. Agree with hunter here. There's a lot of better choices.
  4. Like hunter asked is there a reason you are limiting yourself to those PSUs? How much are you looking to spend?
  5. Ok sorry i forgot a key part of the information.. I live in South Africa so getting some of the PSU's are out of the question sadly :(

    Ok the gigabyte is roughly the same price as the thermaltake, and the Vantec is close to $230.
  6. Ahh okay that makes more sense. Are you going to be buying online or from a local store, if online can you link to the site so we can check out their selection.
  7. It will be from a local store or online retailer. the online retailer i could prob get a bigger selection for import but will knock my bank account sadly and would put my computer our of commission for up to a month.

  8. From the looks of it, the odin is about 1k, i couldnt find the thermaltake or vantec units but i did find that you can grab a Corsair 750TX for 1300ish, im not sure if that pushes you out of your price range but if it doesnt i would definitely go for the 750TX over the 3 you listed above
  9. Just choose a Corsair 650w and up that fits your budget.
  10. Sounds good, wasn't gonna go with a online retailer but i trust what everyone here at toms hardware says. Hope this stops my Computer from restarting all the time =/

    Thank you very much for the help :)

    @Davcon i have never seen or heard of that online retailer but thank you have a place that i can compare and buy from.
    Much appreciated
  11. Yeah, go for a Corsair. The TX650 should be fine.
  12. Not saying not to replace PSU, I would.

    What have you looked at that tells you it is the PSU and not a Temperature issue, or a memory issue??

    I would download/install CPUID HWMonitor.

    I would start the program, leave run for 15 minutes at IDLE, doing nothing.
    Then I would run
    Prime 95 and monitor (a) Your +12 V and + 5 V rails (Min values are 11.4 (I use 11.6 for Min) for +12 and +4.75 Min for +5 V rail if Either min is reached PSU is definetly bad. Also Monitor Temps. Leave running for a couple of hours, if possible and not approaching voltage mins and temp max. This will check if you have memory errors causing a problem.
    For Prime95: http://www.softpedia.com/get/Others/Home-Education/Prime95.shtml

    To check GPU, I use furmark. With this you can also verify your +12 is staying in limits (+/- 5% of 12) and verify your GPU temps.
    For Fur mark: http://www.ozone3d.net/benchmarks/fur/mirrors.php

    Happy hunting on that PSU. I have relatives in England and when they are visiting they stock up on items that are avail/cheaper here.

    Here is a good link on PSU quality: http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=108088
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