Problem when trying to opening files?

I just recently re-installed windows 7 ultimate 64bit on my computer and had put all my old files and pictures on an external hardrive. When i try to open the files directly from the drive it tells me that i don't have perrmisson to open files . I quickly googled the problem and found out it told me to do go into properties----->advance-----> and unclicked Encrypt contents to secure data. This allowed all the files to become unlocked but i got an error...

"An error occurred applying attributes to the file:"

(file location)

Access is denied

Any ideas what it could be?
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  1. im sorry but i dont see anywhere anything useful?
  2. and if you open then as administrator
  3. try taking ownership of the drive.
  4. i have already tryed takeing ownership.

    also the normaly white lettering file name is green.
  5. did you try to unlock from the external drive directly ?
  6. scout_03 said:
    did you try to unlock from the external drive directly ?

    what do you mean external drive directly?
    all the files are able to be copied over .. but not the word docs, pictures or videos. keep getting an error message .. dont have permission..

    i have also tryed to give myself permission of the external hardrive.. which i have .. and of the main folder itself.....

    it says i must get permission from Everyone to open this file
  7. i read back the post and you transfert them on the drive in the computer you will have to chance settings to take ownership of all those files if you want to open you have to use your administrator account to do this and aplly to all of them see this
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